Monday, December 7, 2009


Stinkerbell goes into a modified hibernation every winter... around the beginning of November she starts sleeping more (hard to believe, when she sleeps about 3/4 of the day to start with) and eating less.

Since just before we moved from Key West, Stink had been a bit overweight and has slimmed down a bit again, which is nice.

She's also gotten more and more social with strangers over time, we hosted some friends for a football-watching party last week and Stinkerbell allowed Lee to hold her for quite awhile!

On Thanksgiving, our friends brought their boston terrier over for the day and she was polite when he was giving her an investigative sniff attack!

We took her to visit a friend and brought her house/bed, blankie, and monkey along to make her comfortable. After the excitement of a new person and new place, she retreated to the crate to relax.

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