Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family Snuggle

Usually I post about my insomnia and other sleep issues on my regular blog. But tonight Miss Stinkerbell is half the reason I'm up.

While my husband was on his business trip, Stinky started sleeping in the bed with me for about an hour every night/morning around 2am.

Tonight Scott and I got home from an evening out around 2am and at about three she put her paws up on the side of the bed and asked to come up. I wasn't asleep yet so I pulled her up and she snuggled in between Scott and I.

The other half of why I'm up is that the dog was already on the bed in addition to the three cats and once Stinkerbell was there I was pinned on all sides and got very hot.

Since I'm far too nice of an animal mommy I let everyone but me be comfortable until I realized that I wasn't sure we put a bunny back in it's cage before closing up the pet store, so at 5:30am I hopped out of bed and drove over to double check.

I think when I go back to the bed I'm going to kick all the furry things out. Except my husband.