Thursday, April 21, 2011

Late Birthday Wishes - A Day in the Life of Stinkerbell

Stinkerbell turned four about 10 days ago... hard to believe we have had her for so long! 

She has developed a pretty regular schedule:
4a-5a: get out of bed (I have trained myself to wake up when I hear the click-click-click as she goes down the steps next to the bed) at which point I lock her in the laundry room so she can do her business in an appropriate place.

6a-7a: cats demand breakfast, Stinkerbell is released from the laundry room and gets breakfast too.

8a-10a: chase the dog if he's awake, if he's not awake - bite him. Also dig at the carpet next to mom's nightstand until mom locks her in the laundry room again with some "cookies" or peanuts.

Noonish: laundry room open but Stinkerbell is sacked out in her bed, usually having kicked her monkey out.

Noon to 3p-4p: sleep in the laundry room or run across the house to one of her two other favorite beds (the scarf bin in my closet or the fitted sheet bin in the bathroom closet)

3p-4p to 8p-10p: sleep

8p-10p: Up! Up! Up!  Chase the dog! Chase the cats! Stomp at Daddy! Get up on the couch to snuggle with Mom and The Chou. Get someone to FEED ME!!!

Midnight-1a: climb the steps next to the bed and get under the covers to sleep between moms ankles. 

Fun With Peanuts...


I think that Stinkerbell has a crush on The Chou.